Department of Political Science News

Samantha Frost named IPRH Mellon Bio-Humanities Faculty Fellow for 2015–18

5/4/2015  8:00 am

The Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities has named political science professor Samantha Frost as its Mellon Bio-Humanities Faculty Fellow for 2015–18. In this multi-year fellowship, Professor Frost will develop and lead a research group on this innovative, multidisciplinary topic. Her research group will include postdoctoral fellows, pre-doctoral fellows, and undergraduate interns. She will define and articulate the direction and goals of the research group, and also organize undergraduate symposia and develop a curriculum for an undergraduate certificate program in the bio-humanities. This is an exciting opportunity to establish the University of Illinois as an international leader in this emerging research frontier. Read more about the fellowship on the IPRH's web site.