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  • 3/11/2013
    An Illinois team, including Prof. Brian Cunningham and Ph.D. student Sherine George from Bioengineering, has created a new biosensor with promise for use in the drug discovery process.The research is featured on the cover and in the latest issue of the journal Lab On a Chip.
  • 1/29/2013
    Bioengineering will benefit from a $100 million gift that has been pledged to the College of Engineering. The Grainger Engineering Breakthroughs Initiative will focus on bioengineering and big data. It will help attract the best students and faculty and includes support for scholarships, research and facilities.
  • BIOE Welcomes New Faculty Member Andrew Smith
    11/2/2012Jenny Amos writer Jenny Amos by Jenny Amos published by Jenny Amos
    Dr. Andrew Smith develops new nanomaterials for studying cancer biology. He is particularly interested in nanoparticles called quantum dots, fluorescent crystals that can be used to image cancer-related cellular events at the microscopic level of individual molecules. By combining these particles with new transgenic animal models of cancer and a variety of imaging and microscopy techniques, he aims to understand fundamental molecular mechanisms of tumor development which will lead to a new generation of cancer treatments.
  • 9/19/2012Jenny Amos writer Jenny Amos by Jenny Amos published by Jenny Amos

    A team of researchers in the Molecular Imaging Laboratory of the Beckman Institutes Biomedical Imaging Center has received the award for Translational Image of the Year in the 2012 Siemens Preclinical Image of the Year contest.

    The team that created the winning image included Beckman Institute researchers: Iwona Dobrucka (Research Scientist in Molecular Imaging), Matthew Schuelke (BIOE undergraduate student and American Heart Association fellow), and Wawrzyniec L. Dobrucki (BIOE Adjunct Faculty and Director of Molecular Imaging Laboratory). Their image was titled Imaging of Myocardail Angiogenesis Post-Myocardial Infarction.

  • 9/12/2012Jenny Amos writer Jenny Amos by Jenny Amos published by Jenny Amos
    Sua Myong, an assistant professor of Bioengineering, is the recipient of a 2012 NIH Director's New Innovator Award. Myong, who is a researcher with the Institute for Genomic Biology at Illinois, is one of 81 researchers are receiving awards to pursue visionary science that exhibits the potential to transform scientific fields and speed the translation of research into improved health, under the High Risk High Reward program supported by the National Institutes of Health Common Fund.
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