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  • 4/10/2013
  • 3/15/2013
    Collaborators from the Mayo Illinois Alliance for Technology Based Healthcare have developed a new, single molecule assay for detecting methylated DNA -- a naturally occurring process that controls gene expression. The assay involves using a synthetic solid-state nano pore, and researchers say it has great potential in speeding disease-specific analyses of genetic samples. The findings appear in the current issue of Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group).
  • 2/26/2013
    A team of scientists from the University of Illinois and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have advanced the sensitivity of nanoscale sensors that can be used used to analyze chemicals, DNA and proteins. And an ancient artifact is their inspiration. The chemical makeup of the Lycurgus Cup -- a 4th century artifact on exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago through mid-August -- allows it to appear to be a different color when light is shone through it. Similar properties are reflected in the team's sensor research. The results and future related advances have implications for making diagnostics quicker and simpler by putting them in handheld electronics such as smartphones. This groundbreaking advancement is the cover story of the January 2013 issue of Advanced Optical Materials and is featured in WIRED magazine.
  • 2/14/2013

    A substantial new five-year grant from the National Science Foundation enables stronger nano- and biotechnology infrastructure and helps strengthen 'the bridge between engineering and biology.' Bioengineering Asst. Prof. Ting Lu is a co-Principal Investigator.

  • Prof. Bashir and team address issues of lab-on-a-chip
    Prof. Rashid Bashir and his research team have advanced the technology of integrating laboratory functions -- "lab on a chip" -- by addressing heat, evaporation and luminescence issues.
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