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  • Visitor Series: Jeffrey Clancy

    Thursday, October 9, 2014

    107 Art + Design

    7:00 p.m.

    An Unsettled Procession


    Tavern Mugs to Teaspoons: The Basics of Pewter Smithing (workshop)

    Friday | Saturday, October 10-11, 2014

    9 AM – 5 PM

    221 Art East Annex Studio One | Architecture Annex

    (for information about the hands on workshop,

    Jeffrey Clancy was awarded a BFA in 1999 from Kutztown University and an MFA in 2005 from San

    Diego State University in Metalsmithing and Jewelry. Clancy has lectured and instructed extensively

    throughout the country at institutions such as Bowling Green State University, the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, the University of Arkansas, and the University of Wisconsin. He also participated in an artist-in-residence program at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College in England. While he was a lecturer at the Rhode Island School of Design and a Professor at the Maine College of Art, he is presently Professor of Art at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

    As a practicing metalsmith Jeffrey Clancy is a part of a venerable lineage of smiths who have demonstrated stunning skill and innovative design in the manufacture of treasured utilitarian, ceremonial and decorative metalwares. This is paramount for his work and identity. Clancy is invested in questions about preservation and the acquisition of craft skill. The austerity of utilitarian wares produced by the Roycrofters and the unapologetically indulgent works of Faberge demonstrate the diversity that the skilled and tooled hand can bring to a material like metal; this is both curious and inspiring to Clancy. His work departs from the diverse curiosity that serves as both the physical subject and context. He mines the field’s history, examines and dissects it with uneasy reverence and then re-presents it into new objects, images and, always, new questions. Domestic objects like bowls and trays, parts of utilitarian objects such as spouts and handles, and ornamentation are all used as a familiar language; but the work transcends function and often the final object has only a likeness to its source. The work acts as a vestige of another time period, a distant place and a different set of values that now seem anachronistic and nostalgic. His making process is intimate. He reserves the position of a critical observer, skeptical of nostalgia and fevered by discovery. These two positions have fostered a sincere and passionate perspective on the field, his identity within it and a responsibility to make, study and preserve it.

  • Visitor Series: Valerie Hegarty

    Valerie Hegarty

    Thursday, September 25, 2014

    62 KAM

    5:30 p.m.

    Reverse Archeology, the Creation of Decay and Other Uncanny Transformations

    Referencing historical painting and sculpture from American art history along with the actual exhibition space itself, Valerie Hegarty reconstructs, deconstructs and re-presents institutional artworks, museum floors and spaces as modern ruins. She exploits the use of mimicry to reproduce paintings, objects and architectural details, only to demolish and transform them by devices often associated with their historical significance. Her painstakingly handcrafted installations utilize foamcore, paper mache and inkjet prints on canvas and gallery walls, which she then paints, twists, drapes, carves, amputates and grafts to create altered originals where the fictional modifications act as a catalyst for the works coming back to life. The fabricated narratives question the stability of encoded meanings within the institution or artwork, leaving the viewer to ponder the alterations and the veracity of the transformation.

  • Visitor Series: Lucky Pierre

    Lucky Pierre (Michael Thomas (co-founder) and Kevin Kaempf)

    Monday, September 22, 2014

    107 Art + Design

    5:30 p.m.

    Artist Talk

    Lucky Pierre, based in Chicago, is a collaborative group working in performance, writing, and visual forms. Lucky Pierre creates structures for engagement with various publics to explore complex issues and ideas (political, aesthetic, social) in ways that accommodate a wide range of experience, styles and approaches. Recent projects include “I Hate America/I Love America” a 10-hour event occurring simultaneously in London and Chicago; “What We Don’t Talk About: 13-hour Conversation on the War in Afghanistan” in which invited artists, scholars, activists, friends, and strangers worked to create a conversation about America’s longest war; and “America/n” a 12-hour piece about the US Constitution presented US presidential election day 2012 and followed by a publication “America/n (the book)” released on presidential inauguration day 2013. Ongoing projects include “Final Meals” in which the group prepares and videotapes volunteers eating the final meal of a Texas death row inmate, and “Actions for Chicago Torture Justice,” in which the group works with volunteers to create performative actions addressing the history of police torture in Chicago and the use of torture worldwide. Lucky Pierre’s work has been presented in Chicago, New York, London, Detroit, Budapest, Portland and Hamburg.


  • Congratulations to Megan Diddie

    Student ACE Award, 40 North | 88 West - Champaign County Arts Council, awarded to Megan Diddie, UIUC Masters Candidate in Studio, for her outstanding achievement as the studio manager at Fresh Press agri-fiber papermaking lab, as well as her leadership in bringing papermaking workshops to numerous community arts programs.

  • 2014 Art + Design Faculty Exhibition Opening Reception

    Please join the School of Art + Design and Krannert Art Museum for the 2014
    School of Art + Design Faculty Exhibition Opening
    Krannert Art Museum Season Opening
    Art + Design AGSO Exhibition

    with a public reception held on
    Thursday, August 28, 2014
    Link Gallery

    Cash bar provided by Michaels' Catering
    Hosted by the School of Art + Design and Krannert Art Museum
    Please note: the museum will remain open until 9 pm.

    for more information please visit: