Department of Religion Spotlight

Department of Religion Spotlight

  • 4/16/2014

  • 11/15/2013

    Coffee House

    Religious Studies Coffee Hour!

    All Are Welcome!!

    Undergraduates, Graduates & Faculty Alike!

    Want to talk about religion, politics, philosophy, or ideas?  Are you interested in a conversation with interesting and intelligent people?  Do you like coffee and snack foods?  If any of these sound like you, you won't want to miss the NEW Religious Studies Coffee Hour.

    Come join the faculty, graduate students, undergraduate majors & minors for a casual chance to engage in meaningful conversation.

    Mondays 1p-2p in 3014 Foreign Language Building

    Any questions, please contact the Department Secretary for more information.

  • 10/8/2013

    The Department of Religion is pleased to welcome the new cohort of MA students to the department.

    • Joshua Fuerst
    • Naseeha Hussain
    • Sufia Jamal
    • Jeffery Lewis
    • Nicholas Mitchel
    • John Plaiss
    • Joshua Shelly

    This amazing group of students comes from diverse backgrounds and has various areas of interest.  The department is sure to be stronger for their presence! 

    2013 Cohort 

  • 9/16/2013

    We are delighted to welcome three new professors to our faculty. Prof. Jessica Vantine Birkenholtz (Ph.D., University of Chicago) is a specialist in Hindu religious and literary cultures, currently completing a book on a local Nepali goddess tradition and its relationship to Hindu identity formation in Nepal (to be published by Oxford UP). Prof. Rini Mehta (Ph.D., University of Illinois) has broad research interests in South Asian culture, especially in the role of religion in nationalism and in Indian cinema. She is currently completing a book on Indian Cinema in Context. Shankar Nair (Ph.D., Harvard University) is our new assistant professor of Islamic Studies. His special interests include Sufism, Islamic philosophy, and Muslim-Hindu interactions. Prof. Nair is working on a book on Muslim translations of Hindu texts in early modern South Asia.Department is Growing!

  • 5/14/2013Joshua M. Young writer Joshua M. Young by Joshua M. Young published by Joshua M. Young

    The Department of Religion is pleased to announce the 2013 winners of the Hoffman and Thulin awards given each year to exceptional undergraduate students in recognition of outstanding work by a senior and a junior (respectively) within the department.


    The winner of 2013 Hoffman Award is Sheila Regan


    The winner of 2013 Thulin Award is Kyle Trembly