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Cancer Community News

  • 6/25/2015
    More than 30 graduate students presented their C*STAR research project proposals during Carle Physicians Week. Physicians and faculty advisors heard proposals ranging from nutrition and exercise studies to nanotechnology projects, all focusing on breast and gastro-intestinal cancers. Students will be notified in July if their proposal is chosen as one of the six inaugural C*STAR program research projects. If you have any questions, please contact us at
  • 6/19/2015

    Researchers have found an easy way to produce carbon nanoparticles that are small enough to evade the body’s immune system, reflect light in the near-infrared range for easy detection, and carry payloads of pharmaceutical drugs to targeted tissues. Unlike other methods of making carbon nanoparticles—which require expensive equipment and purification processes that can take days—the new approach generates the particles in a few hours and uses only a handful of ingredients, including store-bought molasses. The researchers, led by University of Illinois bioengineering professors Dipanjan Pan and Rohit Bhargava, report their findings in the journal Small.

  • 6/18/2015
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  • 6/17/2015Diana Yates writer Diana Yates by Diana Yates published by Diana Yates

    Pet dogs may be humans’ best friends in a new arena of life: cancer treatment, said University of Illinois veterinary clinical medicine professor Timothy Fan. Physiological similarities between dogs and humans, and conserved genetics between some dog and human cancers, can allow pet dogs to serve as useful models for studying new cancer drugs, he said.

  • 6/11/2015
    Announcements, events, and opportunities for members of the Cancer Community @ Illinois.

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