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EUI Announcements

  • 1/10/2016
  • 12/14/2015

    Congratulations to our Fall 2015 Student Conference award winners, and to all those participating students who made the conference such a great success!

  • EUI Fall 2015 Student Conference

    The Ethnography of the University Initiative will hold its Fall 2015 Student Conference on Monday, December 7, 2015, in 126 LISB, 501 E. Daniels Street, on the UIUC campus. This event is open to the campus and community. EUI-affiliated courses are able to propose, research, present and publish their work (human subject research and archival) over the course of a semester. Drop in for a few panels or stay for the the whole event. Our program is available here.

  • Spring 2015 Student Conference Winners

    Congratulations to our Spring 2015 Student Conference award winners, and to all those participating students who made the conference such a great success! Of note, this is the first year where Oak Park River Forest High School students came to present at the EUI Spring Conference, and one special recognition award was handed out to OPRFHS. Also, this year we inaugurated the Nancy A. Abelmann Award that recognizes an outstanding presentation by undergraduate students at EUI's Spring Conference as part of the UIUC campus Undergraduate Research Week. Awards were given as follows:


    Best oral presentation went to Nagi Fujie, Yitong Pan, Bowen Song, Hsin-Lung Tsai and Zidian Zhang for "Rethinking International Student Integration: Examining the Purposes of US Higher Education for Diverse International Students."

    An honorable mention for oral presentation went to Parkland College students Caleb Anderson, Devon Miller, and Logan Moore for "Cell Phones and the Intrapersonal Communication Bubble."


    Best oral presentation went to Jessica Harless for "Aims of I-Connect: Purposes and Theoretical Underpinnings of UIUC’s First-Year Diversity Education Program."

    Best poster presentation went to Jasmine Stallworth for "The Perceptions of the Community College Transfer Student Process to a Four-Year Institution."

    All award winners received a $25 gift card to the Illini Union Bookstore (Parkland’s honorable mention students each received a $10 Amazon gift card).


    Special recognition went to Ryan Blankemeir for his podcast "Racial Inequalities In Education."


    This award, sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research in the amount of $250, went to Grace Hall and Zach Nissen for “A Culture of Appropriation: Navigating Oppression and Authentic Identifies at the University of Illinois.”


    We would like to especially thank Merinda Hensley for her continued support of and work with EUI and the support of the University Library for making the poster sessions possible, the Library/IT Student Fee Committee for their support of our multimedia program, and our CITES Academic Technologies and Digital Media partners for their ongoing technology and training support.

    Special thanks also go to Oak Park River Forest High School teachers, Avi Lessing, Pete Hostrawser, Melinda Novotny and Tyrone Williams, for their work with their students and EUI, as well as UIUC Admissions Office staff Quintin Clay and Timmi Turley for their hard work in putting together a seamless campus visit for OPRHFS students and teachers.

    Conference videos will be available soon on our website (as well as archived in IDEALS) for those students who granted intellectual property permission.

  • EUI Spring 2015 Student Conference Program

    EUI Spring 2015 Student Conference Program is now available here.