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EUI Announcements

  • EUI Launches Undergraduate Research Journal

    The Ethnography of the University Initiative is proud to announce the launch of its undergraduate research journal PEER REVIEW: The Undergraduate Research Journal of the Ethnography of the University Initiative. Our inaugural issue is slated for issuance on May 1, 2014. Peer Review will be an open-access online journal hosted through UIUC’s University Library. For information about submissions, please see our website; general questions may be addressed to journal staff at

  • EUI Co-Director Named as Bristol University Fellow

    As a 2014 Colston Fellow, Dr. Irish will be working with the Productive Margins collaborative research programs, which is co-produced between academics at the universities of Bristol and Cardiff and communities in Bristol and south Wales. The program asks the question: "Can research release the creativity, knowledge and passiosn of communities at the margins of power to co-produce new forms of engagement and decision'making"?

    Dr. Irish will bring her experiences with EUI (as both Co-Director and faculty) to her collaborations with University of Bristol (UofB) staff and students in examinations of UofB's structures and roles, locally and regionally, in relation to units within the school, other institutions, community partners, and governments. For more information, please see the UofB website.

  • EUI Participates in Summer Academic Achievement Program Pilot

    This past July and August, EUI was invited to take part in the Summer Academic Achievement Program (SAAP) pilot, a five-week residential program at UIUC designed to acquaint select incoming freshmen with the tools and resources available to them to manage the challenges of college life. Students met with various academic and student affairs officials, and attended preparatory seminars in composition, STEM and humanities and social science research. EUI Co-Director, Sharon Irish, and EUI Program Coordinator, Karen Rodriguez'G, each taught a cohort of 15 incoming freshmen in the humanities/social science (HSS) sequence. In the HSS seminar, students were able to conduct original, human subject and archival research, present their findings, and publish their work in EUI's archive in IDEALS.

  • EUI Directors to Participate in Summer Institute for Teachers

    "Schools are complex social and cultural institutions. Ethnography can help us turn some of the confusion and chaos of high school into a rich resource for innovative pedagogy. How, for example, can students, teachers, and administrators better understand jock culture or the impact of the Internet on school social life?"

    EUI co-directors Nancy Abelmann and Gina Hunter will participate in the Chicago Humanities Festival’s 17th annual Summer Institute for Teachers (SIT). Over two days, SIT participants will work in small groups, developing their own research questions and producing an "ethnographic toolkit" of cross-disciplinary research methods easily applied to the high school setting. For more information about the Summer Institute and this year's program, please see the SIT website.

  • EUI Spring 2013 Student Conference Award Winners

    We would like to offer our congratulations to our Spring 2013 Student Conference award winners and to all those participating students who made the conference such a great success. This semester’s conference program was particularly ambitious with 110 students participating across 9 panel presentations (including multimedia) and 2 poster sessions. The hard work put into your research projects and presentations was impressive! Given the unprecedented number of students that participated this semester, EUI gave out two awards in each category, with awards given as follows:

    Panel presentation:  Lauren Mayer (UIUC) for her “Application of Labels as Forms of Identification of East Asian Art at UIUC,” and Jack Sullivan (UIUC) for “A Religious Perspective on the Vietnam War.”

    Multimedia panel presentation: Victoria Machen, Jennifer Mendez, Thomas Nguyen and Christian Smith (UIUC) for “Chrysanthemum Tea: It’s Yeo Choice,” Kathryn Arnold, Richard Ford and Aaron Hoyle-Katz (Parkland) for “Community Service and Educational Excellence,” and Ariella Cohen, Fatima Diabate and Shaunette Smith (UIUC) for “Out and About: Social Spaces and the LGBT Community.”

    Poster presentation:  Zach Downing and Rebekah Burgan (Parkland) for their “International and Immigrant Student Athletes: How Do They Find Parkland College?” and Kei U Lai and Chon Wa Sou (UIUC) for “Initiative of Establishing and Expectations of a New RSO – Orienteering Illini.” Poster images can be seen here. Their posters can be viewed here:  and

    All UIUC award winners receive a $25 gift card to the Illini Union Bookstore and Parkland students receive a $25 gift card to the Parkland Student Bookstore.

    The University Library also provides an EUI Poster Award. Congratulations go to Preston Brown, Travis Davenport, Shawn O’Neill for their poster, “Sustainable Lighting: A Campus Commitment.” View their poster:

    Thanks go to the University Library for supporting the poster session with an award of a $25 gift card to Illini Union Bookstore.

    We would like to especially thank Merinda Hensley for her continued support of and work with EUI and the support of the University Library for making the poster sessions possible, the Library/IT Student Fee Committee for their support of our multimedia program, and our CITES Academic Technologies and Digital Media partners for their ongoing technology and training support.

    Conference videos will be available shortly on our website for those students who granted intellectual property permission.