CEAPS News & Announcement

CEAPS News & Announcement

  • Call for Papers: Oxford China Humanities Graduate Conference, January 10-11, 2018 (Deadline: October 15, 2017)

    Second Annual University of Oxford China Humanities Graduate Conference Engaging 'China': Perspectives from the Margins

    Graduate students are invited to submit abstracts for the second annual University of Oxford China Humanities Graduate Conference, which takes the theme of ‘engagement’ in the Chinese context as its point of departure. We welcome papers that work with modern and pre-modern subject material and from all humanistic disciplines, including but not limited to history, literary and cultural studies, art, film and media studies, philosophy, human geography, anthropology, musicology and religion.

    ​This conference asks applicants to critically assess through the lens of 'engagement' how the idea of 'China' as a geographical, cultural and national signifier is created. How is China engaging with neighbours close and far away? How does it attract the world and communities within? How do communities within and without engage with China? How does engagement inform the ways in which ‘China’ is conceived? Through this conference, we wish to highlight the ways, both past and present, in which ‘engagement’ is central to understanding ‘China’.

    Possible topics may include (but are not limited to):

    1. Circulation of philosophical and religious texts, ideas, and institutions
    2. ‘China’ in cultural products, including literature, film, visual art, theatre, music, etc.
    3. Cultural production of minorities within China and the Chinese diaspora
    4. Subcultures in China
    5. Exchanges of material culture
    6. Linguistic exchange
    7. Trade and the tributary system
    8. Diplomacy, war, and peace
    9. Tourism and migration to, from, and within China
    10. Cross-border dimensions of environmental and health issues
    11. Co-operation and conflict in science and technology
    12. Methods and attitudes of scholarship in and about China

    The conference will be held predominantly in English but we accept a limited number of submissions written in both English and Chinese and presented in Mandarin.

    We plan to produce a special issue in a peer-reviewed journal out of the best conference papers. Successful applicants who wish to be considered for publication are encouraged to submit a full paper at the time of the conference.

    ​Please submit a 250–300-word abstract and 150-word biography to oxfordchinagradconference@gmail.com by October 15th 2017, 17:00 (GMT).

    ​Organising committee - Yeo Min Hui, Frances O'Morchoe, Stefano Gandolfo

  • Google's AlphaGo Challenges East Asian Intelligence, Again
    5/25/2017Anya Badaldavood writer Anya Badaldavood by Anya Badaldavood published by Anya Badaldavood

    Go is an ancient Chinese board game extremely popular in China, Japan, and Korea. It is the most complex of all board games, the last line of defense of human mind against artificial intelligence. After the 4 to 1 Google DeepMind's AlphaGo defeat of the top South Korea Go player Lee Sedol last year, AlphaGo now takes on World No. 1 19-year-old Chinese phenom Ke Jie at the Future of Go Summit, 23-27 May 2017.

                 Match 1 with English Commentaries
                 Match 1 with Chinese Commentaries

                 Match 2 with English Commentaries
                 Match 2 with Chinese Commentaries

  • Korean Studies Graduate Student Support Workshop Opportunity (June 22, 2017)

    The Institute for Korean Studies, will be holding a grad student mentoring workshop on June 22 at Indiana University.  This event is intended to give MA and PhD students working in Korean Studies the chance to network with other students and with IU faculty, and to receive mentoring from faculty in Korean Studies.  We hope to provide valuable academic and career guidance to the students.  We will be able to provide housing for 1-2 nights for 6 visitors.

    We hope that students will be able to arrive for lunch on June 22.  The main meetings will take place in the afternoon and evening of June 22, and will include a panel discussion by faculty in order to provide career advice for students, discussing the job market, cover letter, and applying for jobs.  Festivities may also include a dinner or event in the evening of the 23rd. 

    This event will be held in conjunction with the IU East Asian Studies Center’s dissertation workshop, which will be held on June 23.  Participants are encouraged to attend both if eligible.

    Travel support for both workshops is available through the Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies. For more information about these workshops, contact Yuchia Chang at yuchia@illinois.edu.


  • Korean Language TA Position

    The Korean Language Program in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at UIUC is seeking a Korean teaching assistant who will teach a Korean language course in Fall 2017. The position is renewable for a second semester (Spring, 2018) and possibly for AY 18-19, contingent upon job performance and funding.

    Applicants must have native-level fluency in Korean, and have successfully passed the EPI (test of English oral proficiency at UIUC) or the equivalent, in order to begin teaching in Fall 2017, which is required by the campus policy for teaching assistants who are non-native speakers of English and have not yet provided evidence of spoken English proficiency in order to fulfill Illinois State Law (SB1516). Experience in language teaching and integration of technology into language instruction is highly desirable.

    To apply, send a letter of statement in Korean that outlines your teaching experiences and philosophy, and a CV by e-mail to Jeeyoung Ahn Ha (j-ahn3@illinois.edu), director of the Korean language program. Review of applications will begin immediately.

  • East-West Center International Graduate Student Conference - Call for Abstract Submissions

    The East-West Center invites graduate students from around the world to submit abstracts for the 17th International Graduate Student Conference (IGSC) on the Asia Pacific region, taking place in Honolulu, Hawai‘i, USA from February 15 – 17, 2018. This student organized conference provides an opportunity to share interdisciplinary perspectives through presenting and attending panel presentations in a warm and supportive environment.


    Submit an abstract of up to 350 words.
    Limited number of merit-based travel grants available.

    Submission Form