News & Announcements for French

News & Announcements for French

  • Alessia Zulato awarded Graduate College Dissertation Travel Grant

    Alessia's doctoral dissertation project is on "Minority Languages: Vitality and Practices in Language Contact Situations in the Aosta Valley, Italy"

    The travel grant will fund large-scale survey research and participant observation of the vitality of an endangered language spoken in the Aosta Valley, an autonomous region of Italy where two official languages, Italian and French, are used alongside local Franco-Provençal varieties in everyday interactions, both in public and private domains. The aim of the dissertation is to examine how these local languages survive in everyday use despite competition from two major standard European languages.

  • Samir Meghelli on Hip-Hop à la Française in NYT

    For article, click here.

  • 10/8/2013

    See French Website for more details.

  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign rated 29th in World University Rankings for 2013-14.
  • We welcome two new faculty members: Francois Proulx (PhD Harvard) and Samir Meghelli (PhD Columbia)