Center for Biophysics and Quantitative Biology News

Center for Biophysics and Quantitative Biology News

  • Jin lab publication in Nature

    This is the first atomic structure of the ribosome solved by cryoEM on the U of I campus.  “It’s breathtaking to see how each and every atom in this beautiful molecular machine arranged in three-dimension” said Dr. Jin.

    Using the 3D atomic structure and biochemistry, Jin and team were able to decipher how a protein known as ArfA recognizes a stalled bacterial ribosome and recruits release factor RF2 to catalyze peptide release, a process that leads to rescuing the stalled ribosome in the bacterial cell.

    Since bacterial and human cells employ completely different strategies to rescue stalled ribosomes, the rescue mechanism of bacteria is a drug target. 

    “This is also a collegial collaborative effort, our colleagues in the Beckman Institute, the research team led by Prof. Emad Tajkhorshid, provided us with powerful computational resources,” said Dr. Jin.

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  • Pac-1 Shows Promise in Treating Cancer in Dogs

    Biophysics Professor Paul Hergenrother's discovery from 10 years ago is showing success in treating cancer in dogs today.  Human trials to begin soon.

  • Stephen G Sligar Professorship awarded

    Biophysics Professor Susan Martinis is the recipient of the newly created Stephen G Sligar Professorship.

  • Gunsalus Professorship appointee
    Center Director Satish Nair has been appointed to the I.C. Gunsalus Endowed Professorship in the College of LAS, for his "demonstrated high originality of thought, independence and impact in research, as well as a commitment to quality."
  • This is LAS...

    "This is LAS - A look at our year" features several Biophysics faculty members' achievements! See what some of our chemists have been up to this year.