Featured Practice

Featured Practice

  • Four Paws Animal Hospital

    Names: Dr. James Jessen/Dr. James W. Bollmeier (co-owners)

    Years Degrees Received: 1989/2000

    Years at Current Location: 13 years/9 years

    Specialty/Type of Practice: Exclusively small animal; also offers boarding, grooming, and training services

    What are the biggest challenges/rewards of your practice? The biggest challenge is to continue to educate our clients about diseases and treatments including the importance of detecting sub-clinical diseases.  The biggest rewards are seeing that we can increase our patients' longevity.

    What are some of your favorite memories from your time as DVM students at Illinois: Being with classmates and celebrating getting through the challenges of the program.  And all the happy times we shared afterwards.

    What lessons did you take away from your DVM education and how have they applied to your practice? Aside from the practical knowledge, all the lessons of life as a veterinarian, in terms of client relationships and getting your staff to be a team.

    Were you involved in any students clubs or organizations? Which ones? Omega Tau Sigma (OTS), and being a class rep for Littman Stethoscopes.

    Are you currently involved with the University of Illinois?  Do you have favorite funds to support?  The Companion Animal Memorial Fund and the mentor program.