Campus Highlights

professor Benjamin Lough and doctoral student Xiaoling Xiang

More older adults from U.S. volunteering in other countries

Published Date:March 16, 2015

Increasing numbers of older Americans are traveling abroad to perform volunteer work – and host communities and organizations are clamoring to recruit them, according to studies by social work professor Benjamin Lough and doctoral student Xiaoling Xiang.

Published Date: March 16, 2015

image of Carl Burkybile, agricultural director of Healing Hands International, and entomology professor Barry Pittendrigh

Survival gardening education goes global via cellphones

Published Date:March 16, 2015

Subsistence farmers in Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean are learning how to construct raised planting beds and install drip irrigation systems to boost their agricultural productivity, conserve water and perhaps even halt the rapid advance of desertification in some drought-prone regions.

Published Date: March 16, 2015

image of zack grant

Inaugural manager of students' sustainable farm leading Chicago ag program

Published Date:February 25, 2015

With consumer interest surging in local foods, urban farming and sustainable agriculture, the time is ripe for U. of I. Extension to cultivate Cook County, Illinois.Extension recently expanded its Local Food Systems/Small Farms team of educators to include Zack Grant, who was the manager of the Sustainable Student Farm on campus until stepping into the educator position with U. of I. Extension at the beginning of February.

Published Date: February 25, 2015

image of power africa logo

Power Africa: National conference on large-scale energy projects

Published Date:February 25, 2015

“Power Africa: Promises, Potentials, Pitfalls, and Possible Alternatives” will be the first US conference to bring together a global community of scholars and practitioners to examine President Obama’s Power Africa Initiative. Conference participants from the US, Canada, and the African continent will examine large-scale energy development projects in African countries in order to ascertain what lessons can be learned and how Power Africa might be shaped to ensure participation of and optimum results for the rural and urban poor.

Published Date: February 25, 2015

image of the national medal for museum and library service

Fire Service Institute Library a finalist for national recognition

Published Date:February 24, 2015

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) today announced that the Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) Library is among the 30 finalists for the 2015 National Medal for Museum and Library Service. The National Medal is the nation’s highest honor given to museums and libraries for service to the community.

Published Date: February 24, 2015

image of professor jeffrey brown

Great Recession’s impact on higher education continues

Published Date:February 20, 2015

A new book co-edited by a University of Illinois expert in economic policy delves into the profound effect the Great Recession had on both public and private universities, which continue to grapple with shrinking endowments, declining charitable contributions and reductions in government support.

Published Date: February 20, 2015

image of professor chris lubienski

Study: Education 'experts' may lack expertise

Published Date:February 20, 2015

The education experts cited in media stories and blog posts may have little background in research or education policy, suggests a new study by curriculum specialist Joel R. Malin and education professor Christopher Lubienski.

Published Date: February 20, 2015

image of entomology professor andrew suarez

Tropical fire ants traveled the world on 16th century ships

Published Date:February 18, 2015

Thanks to a bit of genetic sleuthing, researchers now know the invasion history of the tropical fire ant (Solenopsis geminata), the first ant species known to travel the globe by sea.

Published Date: February 18, 2015

image of laura appenzeller frerichs

Laura Frerichs appointed to Governor's Innovate Advisory Council

Published Date:February 16, 2015

Research Park Director Laura Frerichs was appointed Friday to be co-chair of Gov. Bruce Rauner's newly created Illinois Innovate Advisory Council. - See more at:

Published Date: February 16, 2015

image of professor xiaodong song

Geologists unlock mysteries of Earth's inner core

Published Date:February 9, 2015

Thanks to a novel application of earthquake-reading technology, a research team at the University of Illinois and colleagues at Nanjing University in China have found that the Earth’s inner core has an inner core of its own, which has surprising properties that could reveal information about our planet.

Published Date: February 9, 2015

image of professor matt ehrlich

Fascination with cats preceded the 'social media' phenomenon

Published Date:February 3, 2015

Journalism professor Matthew Ehrlich found hundreds of cat tales, both fun and serious, over 140 years of New York Times history. In the process, he also found evidence of our evolving relationship with animals and reasons to “take animal news seriously.”

Published Date: February 3, 2015

image of a muskrat

Illinois' muskrats and minks found to harbor toxoplasmosis

Published Date:January 28, 2015

A new study of muskrats and minks in central Illinois indicates that toxoplasmosis, a disease spread by cats, is moving rapidly through the landscape and contaminating local waterways. Researchers found antibodies for Toxoplasma gondii, the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis, in 18 of 30 muskrats and 20 of 26 minks tested for the disease in central Illinois.

Published Date: January 28, 2015

image of professor david hyman

Research: Medical malpractice reform does little to contain health care costs

Published Date:January 27, 2015

Tort reform advocates have hailed caps on noneconomic damages as a silver bullet for controlling health care costs – as a way to reduce defensive medicine and attract more physicians to a state, particularly those practicing in high-risk specialties. But according to David Hyman, the H. Ross and Helen Workman Chair in Law and professor of medicine at Illinois, there’s scant evidence to support any of those claims.

Published Date: January 27, 2015

image of professor dan roth

Software teaches computers to translate words to math

Published Date:January 22, 2015

If Johnny has five apples and seven oranges, and he wants to share them with three of his friends, can a computer understand the text to figure out how many pieces of fruit each person gets? Thanks to new software developed at the University of Illinois, machines now can learn to understand mathematical reasoning expressed in language, which could greatly improve search engines and access to data as well as boost mathematics education.

Published Date: January 22, 2015

image of a player on the brazilian team

Many countries, one Indoor World Cup

Published Date:January 20, 2015

Held every fall, Illinois’ Indoor World Cup offers soccer fanatics on campus a chance to compete against each other in a friendly tournament of nations, over a shared love of 'football.'

Published Date: January 20, 2015

image of professor andrei cimpian

A new explanation for gender gaps in academia

Published Date:January 15, 2015

Psychology professor Andrei Cimpian and his colleagues found that the expectation that one must be brilliant to succeed in certain academic fields was associated with the underrepresentation of women in those fields.

Published Date: January 15, 2015

photo of meaghan hennessey and richard martin

Campus employee’s record label earns two Grammy nominations

Published Date:December 23, 2014

Meagan Hennessey – manager of web services for the University of Illinois College of Business – and her husband, Richard Martin, released an album of saxaphonist and band leader Isham Jones' music in August on their historic reissue label, Archeophone Records. The album, “Happy: The 1920 Rainbo Orchestra Sides,” has been nominated for a 2015 Grammy Award in two categories: Best Historical Album and Best Album Notes.

Published Date: December 23, 2014

image of professor kyekyoon kevin kim, graduate student elizabeth joachim and research scientist hyungsoo choi

Gelatin nanoparticles could deliver drugs to the brain

Published Date:December 23, 2014

Stroke victims could have more time to seek treatment that could reduce harmful effects on the brain, thanks to tiny blobs of gelatin that could deliver the medication to the brain noninvasively.

Published Date: December 23, 2014

image of plated book

Book plating honors newly promoted faculty

Published Date:December 17, 2014

Fourteen years ago, the University Library initiated a program in which newly tenured or promoted faculty select a book to be added to the Library collections. These selections are book-plated in their honor, and stand as a reminder now and into the future of the remarkable accomplishments of the faculty members at Illinois.

Published Date: December 17, 2014

image of professor carol symes

New research into the 14th century Black Death plague

Published Date:December 10, 2014

It was one of the most famous health issues in history. The Black Death spread from Asia throughout the Mediterranean, North Africa and Europe in the 14th century, and in just a decade it killed between 40 and 60 percent of the people living in those areas.

Published Date: December 10, 2014