Always Illinois Introduction

Introduction to Always Illinois

Published Date:July 8, 2008

Terms and Conditions
Connect to Always Illinois

ILLINOIS is proud to offer a new, free, online community exclusivley for you - our alumni and students, faculty and staff. Always Illinois empowers you to:

  • maintain lifelong relationships
  • network within the Illinois family in a secure, global community, and
  • stay connected with the campus, your college, department, and student or alumni organizations.

Always Illinois provides a culture of connectivity for the entire ILLINOIS family within a trusted and secure online forum where thousands of members can build and maintain personal and professional connections.

Unlike online social networks that are open to the general public, Always Illinois is a private and secure network that requires identity verification before users can join. Unique, one-time Always Illinois identification numbers are available at the time of online registration. Once registered, users create their own password for all future logins. 

Always Illinois is driven by you. Once on the network, create a profile. Then invite friends and colleagues to join your network or become your friend. Once you create your network, you are also linked to the networks of all the people you know, exponentially increasing the power of the ILLINOIS network. You'll be surprised at how many people you have a connection to—it's like a customized version of six degrees of separation!


What You'll Find

E-mail Forwarding

Create a personalized e-mail address. It's an easy way to keep your e-mail address current and to display your Illini loyalty.

Career Opportunities

Members can post job openings for free! You can also:

  • seek or provide career advice
  • network with other professionals in your field
  • create or join groups based on your profession


Create or join groups related to:

  • career field
  • geographic location
  • interests or activities


Join in the conversation! You'll find topics related to:

  • careers
  • housing
  • sports
  • and more! 


Build you Illinois network by connecting to Illini with the same career, similar interests or who live in your area. Provide career advice to current students; connect with an old professor; volunteer for an alumni event in your area ... the possibilities are endless!


Always Illinois is a service provided by the Office of the Chancellor in partnership with the University of Illinois Alumni Association, the Office of Institutional Advancement, Public Affairs, and CITES.

Published Date: July 8, 2008