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my.Illinois: Portal Features Overview

Published Date:March 16, 2010

My.Illinoismy.Illinois is a customizable, central location for many university applications, news and UIUC-specific web page links you use every day.

A new tool for the University, this portal allows you to create a space with the information you most need and want in a single location. You'll choose the content: Search for and Register for classes, check your grades, check your e-mail, find your i-Card information or student account balance, access your files in NetFiles, look up Directory Information, check the calendar of events, announcements, news and much more.

Tabs at the top of my.Illinois website will display different information for different people, depending on your role at the university.

One of the best features of my.Illinois is Single Sign-On. Once you log in, you can go to many of the applications you need without logging in again.


Customize  Menu



Add content - A searchable popup window allows dynamic searching or browsing for content to add.

Page layout - Choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 columns of varying widths. Name your pages in Page Layout.

Select Skin - Select from a couple of different skins.

Add Page - Add a page to the selected tab.

Drag and Drop

Drag-and-Drop  portlets to customize

Portlet Drag and Drop: Simply drag and drop to restructure editable pages.

Site Map

My.Illinois  Header

Your Site Map provides a dynamic list of links to all Tabs, Pages, and Portlets in a hierarchical order - allowing users one-click access to any Tab, Page, or Portlet as well as a catalog of all available content.

As you arrange content, the Site Map will change.

The Site Map is helpful when using mobile applications to access my.Illinois.

Site Map


Navigation in my.Illinois

Portlet  List


Dynamic Content Lists: Just below the customization options on the right-side of my.Illinois is a dynamic list of content on the page. Use the list to quickly navigate from one section to another in maximized views.


Flyout Menus


Flyout Menus: A flyout menu becomes available when hovering over a page name. Avoid reloading pages and use the flyout menus to quickly navigate to specific content in maximized mode.


My Calendar


Scrollbars: Much of the content in my.Illinois is displayed within windows with scrollbars. Click on content to use the scroll bar to view more content within windows.


My Bookmarks


My Bookmarks

Bookmarks: Organize bookmarks into folders and subfolders for easier navigation.

Add notes to your bookmarks and select options for opening windows.

Search Feature

Web Search

Search Utility: Available in the header, users can search common search engines, or information gathering sites such as Google, Yahoo, and Wikipedia.
Mobile Devices: Access my.Illinois currently with your mobile device. my.Illinois will continue to be developed to enhance usability via mobile devices during Summer 2010.

Published Date: March 16, 2010

Logout Information

Published Date:May 2, 2010

Time-out Period: You will be automaitcally logged out if the portal sits idle for more than one hour.

No automatic signout of my.Illinois when signing out of other systems accessed through my.Illinois. Although signing in to my.Illinois will allow you to access UI-Integrate Self-Service and other applications, signing out of UI-Integrate or other systems does not automatically sign you out of my.Illinois. In general, be sure to sign out of any systems when done and exit all browsers.

Published Date: May 2, 2010

Having Problems? Get Help

Published Date:March 16, 2010

Tech Support and Suggestions

Published Date: March 16, 2010