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Published Date:August 8, 2016


- 2015-2016 CLACS Review for Latin American & Caribbean Studies

UI Press: From Myth to Creation, Dorothea S. Whitten and Norman E. Whitten Jr.

- Clodoaldo Soto's new Publication:¿Chaymantaqá? ¿Y después? Quechua avanzado

- Library News: Developing Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the Library

- Antonio Sotomayor's interview about the Rio Olympics

  posted 08/01/16

If the Rio Olympics had a soundtrack? Samba! A minute with Marc Hertzman 

  posted 07/29/16

- Call for Papers/ Convocatoria de ponencias: Communities and Technologies: Realities, Challenges and Opportunities for Librarianship in Cuba

- Some historical context as Brazil prepares to host the Olympics. A minute with Jerry Davila

  posted 07/13/16

- Will Venezuela need a massive relief effort? A minute with Damarys Canache

  posted 07/08/16

- AQUPAMPA, la primera novela escrita en quechua

  posted 05/17/16

- Utopian Songwriting Project Promo Video, Marcelo Boccato Kuyumjian


-The U.S., Cuba, and baseball, our shared national pastime. A minute with Adian Burgos Jr.

  posted 03/24/16

- Antonio Sotomayor, examines Puerto Rico’s route to becoming an Olympic nation

  posted 03/02/16

- video Tinker Workshop 2014

- Professor Baer discusses Brazilian Economy

   posted 10/20/15

- Tribute to Prof. Soto, Quechua Instructor

  posted 10/12/15

- A Journey to Latin America through films

  posted 09/24/15

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Published Date: August 8, 2016


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Published Date:September 15, 2015

Published Date: September 15, 2015