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Bystander intervention programs may have limited success in addressing bullying in middle schools unless children and adults perceive school officials as committed to eradicating the problem, suggests a new study by Dorothy L. Espelage. Espelage is a Gutgsell Endowed Professor in the College of Education.

Study examines role of school culture in promoting bullying, bystander intervention

Author: Sharita Forrest, Education Editor

Published Date:August 11, 2014

A new study of middle-school youth reveals the powerful role of school culture, including teachers’ and staff members’ perceptions, in creating environments that promote or discourage bullying and bystander intervention.

Published Date: August 11, 2014

Educational psychologist Joseph Robinson-Cimpians sensitivity analysis helps researchers identify potential mischievous responders  teens who intentionally provide false information on questionnaires as a prank.

Analytic method uncovers pranksters who tamper with surveys

Author: Sharita Forrest, Education and Social Work Editor

Published Date:June 11, 2014

Self-administered surveys are a vital tool for researchers who gather sensitive information about adolescents. But young people who provide untruthful answers on questionnaires as pranks have the potential to throw researchers’ findings way off track, particularly studies that involve minority groups.

Published Date: June 11, 2014

Racial disparities in college graduation rates are tied to families accumulation of assets and debt, suggests new research by social work professor Min Zhan and Deirdre Lanesskog, a doctoral student in the School of Social Work.

Ability to finish college – especially for blacks – affected by family debt, new study suggests

Author: Sharita Forrest

Published Date:May 22, 2014

Family debt diminishes students’ prospects of graduating from college, and is particularly detrimental to black students’ chances of earning degrees, suggests a new study by social work professor Min Zhan and doctoral student Deirdre Lanesskog, both at the University of Illinois.

Published Date: May 22, 2014

Recreation, sport and tourism professor Kimberly Shinew and doctoral student LaWanda Cook studied the significance of leisure activities in the lives of employed adults with mobility impairments.

Leisure activities stressful for working adults with disabilities, study finds

Author: Sharita Forrest, Education Editor

Published Date:May 19, 2014

While leisure activities are essential to physical and emotional well-being and quality of life – they also can be very stressful for people with disabilities, a new study suggests.

Published Date: May 19, 2014

Dorothy Espelage, a professor of educational psychology, presented new research at the annual meeting of American Educational Research Association indicating that sexual violence/harassment is prevalent in middle school environments.

More than 20 percent of middle schoolers experience inappropriate touching

Author: Sharita Forrest, Education Editor

Published Date:April 8, 2014

More than one in five youth in middle school has experienced physical sexual violence such as being inappropriately touched against their will while at school, a new study suggests.

Published Date: April 8, 2014