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Public schools service learning projects often fail at inclusiveness, marginalizing students with disabilities from full, meaningful participation, according to a new paper by Jay Mann, the director of the Office of Clinical Experiences in the College of Education. Michelle Bonati, graduate student, left, and Stacy Dymond, a professor of special education at Illinois collaborated on the research.

Schools' citizenship courses failing in their civic mission, experts say

Author: Sharita Forrest, Education Editor

Published Date:February 10, 2014

Service-learning projects have become popular in U.S. public schools for teaching citizenship values. However, these curricula may be failing at their civic mission by promoting narrow views of civic engagement and marginalizing people with disabilities, say experts in special education at the University of Illinois and the University of Maine.

Published Date: February 10, 2014

A new monograph, co-edited by Michaelene Ostrosky, an expert in early childhood special education at Illinois, presents research-based practices that families, teachers and practitioners can use to address and prevent problem behaviors.

Experts offer ways to head off challenging behaviors in young children

Author: Sharita Forrest, Education Editor

Published Date:January 16, 2014

Preschoolers who engage in challenging behaviors – patterns of behavior that interfere with learning and social interaction – are at increased risk of academic failure and peer rejection, among other poor outcomes.

Published Date: January 16, 2014

Ceremony to mark establishment of Confucius Institute at Illinois

Author: Sharita Forrest, Education Editor

Published Date:November 13, 2013

Officials from Jiangxi Normal University in Nanching, China, and the University of Illinois will sign an agreement establishing a Confucius Institute at the Urbana campus during an event Thursday (Nov. 14).

Published Date: November 13, 2013

Private and charter schools may not be as educationally effective as policymakers and school-choice advocates are leading Americans to believe, according to research by education professors Christopher and Sarah Lubienski. Their studies are explored in a new book, The Public School Advantage: Why Public Schools Outperform Private Schools.

Book: Private schools not as effective as some advocates suggest

Author: Sharita Forrest, Education Editor

Published Date:November 11, 2013

A new book challenges popular assumptions about the superiority of private-school education and raises questions about the political imperatives behind current school-reform and policy initiatives that are based on market theory.

Published Date: November 11, 2013

Teachers, pupils disagree about who the bullies are, study says

Author: Sharita Forrest, Education Editor

Published Date:November 4, 2013

New research from the University of Illinois indicates that elementary school students and their teachers often don’t agree on who bullies whom in their classrooms. And researchers say that intervention and prevention programs need to both heighten teachers’ awareness of bullying and provide support for victims that mitigate its impact on their academic achievement.

Published Date: November 4, 2013