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Websites geared toward older adults are providing this population with new opportunities to discuss and explore their sexuality, according to a netnography co-written by Liza Berdychevsky, a professor of recreation, sport and tourism.

Many older adults going online to discuss, learn about sex

Author: Sharita Forrest, Education Editor

Published Date:June 10, 2015

Forget those ageist stereotypes that senior citizens have little interest in sex and are befuddled by technology. Many older adults are going online to dish about the joys of sex and swap advice about keeping their mojos working well into their twilight years, a new study found.

Published Date: June 10, 2015

Illinois chemistry professor Martin Burke led a research team that found derivatives of a widely used but highly toxic antifungal drug. The new compounds are less toxic yet evade resistance.

New anti-microbial compounds evade resistance with less toxicity

Author: Liz Ahlberg, Physical Sciences Editor

Published Date:June 1, 2015

New compounds that specifically attack fungal infections without attacking human cells could transform treatment for such infections and point the way to targeted medicines that evade antibiotic resistance.

Published Date: June 1, 2015

M.D./Ph.D. student Marta Zamroziewicz, left, Carle Hospital-Beckman Institute postdoctoral fellow Rachael Rubin and their colleagues looked at the role of nutrition in brain function in elderly adults who were at risk of developing late-onset Alzheimers disease.

Omega-3 fatty acids enhance cognitive flexibility in at-risk older adults

Author: Diana Yates, Life Sciences Editor

Published Date:May 19, 2015

A study of older adults at risk of late-onset Alzheimer’s disease found that those who consumed more omega-3 fatty acids did better than their peers on tests of cognitive flexibility – the ability to efficiently switch between tasks – and had a bigger anterior cingulate cortex, a brain region known to contribute to cognitive flexibility.

Published Date: May 19, 2015

Health issues in Africa to be focus of conference

Author: Sharita Forrest, Education Editor

Published Date:May 4, 2015

Infectious disease expert Mosoka P. Fallah, one of five “Ebola fighters” honored as a Person of the Year by Time in 2014, will be among the speakers at an upcoming symposium at the University of Illinois.

Published Date: May 4, 2015

New research by doctoral candidate Yunxian (Fureya) Liu and nutrition professor William Helferich suggests that soys breast cancer preventive properties may stem from eating soy-based whole foods across the lifespan.

Gene mapping reveals soy's dynamic, differing roles in breast cancer

Author: Sharita Forrest, News Editor

Published Date:April 28, 2015

Scientists have mapped the human genes triggered by the phytonutrients in soy, revealing the complex role the legume plays in both preventing and advancing breast cancer.

Published Date: April 28, 2015