Comparative Biosciences Features

Students Take Honors at National Conference on Reproduction

Published Date:August 23, 2007

Three graduate students at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine were selected from more than 240 student competitors to receive awards for research presented at the 40th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction (SSR), held in San Antonio, Texas, July 21 to 25, 2007.

All three work under the direction of Dr. Humphrey Hung-Chang Yao, assistant professor in the Department of Veterinary Biosciences.

Ivraym Barsoum, Denise Archambeault and Chia-Feng Liu are pictured here in the Yao laboratory.

Published Date: August 23, 2007

Researchers find gene that spurs epididymis growth

Published Date:July 26, 2007

Veterinary biosciences professor Humphrey Hung-Chang Yao and his graduate student, Denise Archambeault. The research team discovered a mutant mouse embryo that led them to a gene essential to epididymal coiling.(Photo by L. Brian Stauffer)

Published Date: July 26, 2007

Dr. Marie-Claude Hoffman looks at the biology of stem cells

Published Date:May 7, 2007

Many questions about the biology of stem cells remain unanswered. Some of these are: what defines a stem cell, or "stemness," what is the influence of the stem cell "niche" in regulating stem cell self-renewal and differentiation, and what are the intracellular signaling pathways underlying stem cell behavior. Answering these questions will bring us closer to effectively engineer stem cells and tissues for regenerative therapy, and provide new insights into the etiology of certain cancers.

Published Date: May 7, 2007

Hot flashes: Studies explore the role of genes, obesity and alcohol

Published Date:May 7, 2007

Three new studies explore the role of genes, obesity and alcohol consumption in contributing to ? or lessening ? the intensity and frequency of hot flashes in midlife women. These studies are part of a five-year research effort led by University of Illinois veterinary biosciences professor Jodi Flaws and colleagues at the University of Maryland, Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore and the School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University.

Published Date: May 7, 2007

The Dirikolu Pharmacology Lab

Published Date:May 1, 2007

The primary focus of Dr. Dirikolu's laboratory is to conduct research in the areas of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, toxicokinetics, molecular, clinical and analytical pharmacology/toxicology, and drug metabolism. Currently, his lab is working on the pharmacokinetics of highly orally bioavailable salt formulations of triazine-based antiprotozoal agents including diclazuril and toltrazuril sulfone for the treatment and prophylaxis of Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis in horses. Additionally, my lab is focused on the development and validation of analytical methods for the detection and quantification of therapeutic agents administered to racehorses and also interpretation of the pharmacological significance of these analytical results.

Published Date: May 1, 2007