MatSE News

MatSE Student Invited to Future Founders Startup Fellowship Program

Author: Mike Koon, College of Engineering

Published Date:January 20, 2017

MatSE student Swarnav Pujari was among 17 from across the nation selected to participate in the 2017 Future Founders Fellowship as part of the Future Founders Startup Program.

Published Date: January 20, 2017

Chen Provides a Glimpse of the 'Forgotten Nanoscale' during RAEng Fellowship Visit to Manchester

Author: Alexander Chilton, University of Manchester

Published Date:January 19, 2017

Qian Chen, Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Illinois, delivered a lecture at the University of Manchester on the 'forgotten nanoscale', as part of her Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) Fellowship visit to the UK. 

Published Date: January 19, 2017

Sottos Leads Group Working to Improve Lifecycle of Materials

Published Date:December 14, 2016

When most living creatures get hurt, they can self-heal and recover from the injury. But, when damage occurs to inanimate objects, they don’t have that same ability and typically either lose functionality or have their useful lifecycle reduced. Researchers at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology are working to change that.

Published Date: December 14, 2016

Winner of the Annual Innovation Award for Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis from Durgam and Subha Chakrapani Family Trust

Published Date:December 14, 2016

The award is in recognition of an outstanding Ph.D. thesis characterized by innovation and potential for commercialization in the field of materials science and engineering.

Published Date: December 14, 2016

Braun Leads Group That Creates Novel Approach for Making 3-D Micro-Optics

Author: Rick Kubetz

Published Date:November 28, 2016

A multi-institutional research collaboration has created a novel approach for fabricating three-dimensional micro-optics through the shape-defined formation of porous silicon (PSi), with broad impacts in integrated optoelectronics, imaging, and photovoltaics.

Published Date: November 28, 2016