Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Rogers makes list of scientists changing the world

Published Date:December 19, 2014

Yahoo! puts John Rogers right up there with Stephen Hawking on its list of 8 scientists who are changing the world.

Published Date: December 19, 2014

Electric implants kill off infections, then dissolve

Published Date:December 3, 2014

A team of researchers from the U of I and Tufts is developing on-demand medical devices that can be turned on remotely to perform a therapeutic function in a patient and then safely disappear after their use.

Published Date: December 3, 2014

MatSE researchers develop inexpensive hydrolysable polymer

Published Date:December 2, 2014

Jianjun Cheng's research group has developed a class of polymeric materials that can be designed to degrade over a specified time period.

Published Date: December 2, 2014

Allen receives grant to conduct nanocalorimetry measurements

Published Date:December 1, 2014

Les Allen has received a new grant from the NSF for his nanocalorimetry work. The project's findings will have an impact in the nanoelectronics technology field, including nanolithography and molecular electronics.

Published Date: December 1, 2014

Print Thyself - How 3-D printing is revolutionizing medicine

Published Date:November 17, 2014

Jennifer Lewis, MatSE alum and adjunct professor, and her research group at Harvard are using 3D bioprinting to create complex tissues.

Published Date: November 17, 2014