Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Rogers among world's most influential researchers

Published Date:December 21, 2015

John Rogers is one of seven U of I researchers on the Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers list for 2015. The list is based on an analysis of journal article publication and citation data, a measure of a researcher's influence over the past 12 years.

Published Date: December 21, 2015

Alumnus Jim Langer featured for Serionix

Published Date:December 7, 2015

MatSE alumnus Jim Langer was featured in the News-Gazette for Serionix, which makes high-performance filtration materials for the removal of toxic chemicals from air and water.

Published Date: December 7, 2015

Researchers chart fitness landscape to fight Hep C virus

Published Date:November 30, 2015

By identifying a small number of promising vaccine candidates, the Ferguson group's computational approach can guide experimental vaccine development and accelerate the search for a hepatitis C vaccine.

Published Date: November 30, 2015

New center to focus on self-healing materials

Published Date:November 13, 2015

The Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) has awarded $4.3 million to the University of Illinois to create the national Center of Excellence in Self-healing, Regeneration, and Structural Remodeling.

Published Date: November 13, 2015

Implantable LED devices could 'turn off' pain signals before they reach the brain

Published Date:November 12, 2015

John Rogers at Illinois and researchers at Washington University have successfully stimulated the pain pathways of nerve cells, and they think the same method can be used to block pain signals from reaching the brain.

Published Date: November 12, 2015