A Minute With...

image of professor diane koenker

Diane Koenker, expert on Russia and the Soviet Union

Published Date:February 3, 2014

Real threats of violence and tough security at the Sochi Olympics

Published Date: February 3, 2014

image of vice chancellor peter schiffer

Peter Schiffer, expert on research funding

Published Date:February 3, 2014

Federal budget deal offers some welcome stability for research

Published Date: February 3, 2014

image of professor jan slater

Jan Slater, expert on branding and advertising

Published Date:January 29, 2014

$4 million for one thirty second Super Bowl ad: Money well spent?

Published Date: January 29, 2014

Stephen Rushin

Stephen Rushin, expert in criminal law and information privacy

Published Date:January 28, 2014

Overhauling the National Security Agency's controversial phone data collection program

Published Date: January 28, 2014

image of professor jeffrey brown

Jeffrey R. Brown, expert on business and public policy

Published Date:December 19, 2013

Illinois' pension reform plan: Will it work?

Published Date: December 19, 2013

image of professor harry liebersohn

Harry Liebersohn, expert on the history of gift giving

Published Date:December 12, 2013

The social science behind gift giving

Published Date: December 12, 2013

image of professor theresa barnes

Teresa Barnes, historian of southern Africa

Published Date:December 6, 2013

Mandela's place in South Africa's history

Published Date: December 6, 2013

image of professor john colombo

John Colombo and Laurie Reynolds, professors of law

Published Date:December 6, 2013

A pension reform plan has been signed into law in Illinois. Is it constitutional?

Published Date: December 6, 2013

image of professor robert bruno

Labor expert Robert Bruno

Published Date:November 25, 2013

Should the minimum wage be raised to $9 per hour (or more)?

Published Date: November 25, 2013

Mir Ali

Mir Ali, an expert on skyscrapers

Published Date:November 20, 2013

How did Chicago's Willis Tower lose its title as the "nation's tallest building"?

Published Date: November 20, 2013