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Research on French female fashion merchants in the 1700s led history professor Clare Haru Crowston to new insights about the doomed queen Marie Antoinette and a pervasive system of influence and power that the French Revolution would seek to end  part of the story she tells in her new book Credit, Fashion, Sex: Economies of Regard in Old Regime France.

Fashion, sex, 'gray market of power' helped lead to French Revolution

Author: Craig Chamberlain, Social Sciences Editor

Published Date:November 22, 2013

Published Date: November 22, 2013

University of Illinois English professor Audrey Petty is the author of High-Rise Stories: Voices from Chicago Public Housing.

U. of I. English professor and team document life in Chicago's public housing

Author: Dusty Rhodes, Arts and Humanities Editor

Published Date:November 13, 2013

Growing up in Chicago’s Hyde Park-Kenwood neighborhood, Audrey Petty lived about two miles from the Chicago Housing Authority’s Robert Taylor Homes. Those 28 high-rises, arranged in horseshoe clusters along the Dan Ryan Expressway, contained more than 4,400 apartments, giving the complex the dubious title of largest public housing development in the nation. But though she could practically see the drab concrete towers from her doorstep, Petty regarded the Robert Taylor Homes as a foreign, mysterious and impenetrable enclave.

Published Date: November 13, 2013

Poor social and communication skills heighten risks of peer rejection and bullying involvement for students with disabilities, according to a new study by U. of I. alumnus Chad A. Rose; Dorothy Espelage, a faculty member in the College of Education; alumna Anjali Forber-Pratt, and Steven R. Aragon, of Texas State University-San Marcos.

Poor social, communication skills linked to peer rejection, bullying

Author: Sharita Forrest, News Editor

Published Date:October 30, 2013

Poor social and communication skills and psychosocial problems such as depression, low self-esteem and anger – all of which are often associated with disabilities – serve as risk factors for peer rejection and as predictors for bullying and victimization, according to a new study that was conducted at the University of Illinois.

Published Date: October 30, 2013

More than half of young women in high school or college have experienced at least one incident of sexual coercion, according to a new study by U. of I. alumnus Bryana H. French and Helen A. Neville, left, a professor of African American studies and of educational psychology.

More than half of students surveyed experienced sexual coercion

Author: Sharita Forrest, News Editor

Published Date:October 23, 2013

More than half (53 percent) of young women have experienced at least one incident of verbal, physical or substance-facilitated sexual coercion – and more than half of those incidents resulted in sexual intercourse, a recent study of high school and college students found.

Published Date: October 23, 2013

Single mothers who are underemployed are likely to go without health insurance longer than women who are unemployed, according to a new study by Chi-Fang Wu and Mary Keegan Eamon. Wu is a professor in the School of Social Work and Eamon is a professor emerita in the school.

Health insurance a dream for many single moms working part time

Author: Sharita Forrest, News Editor

Published Date:October 23, 2013

Single mothers in the U.S. went without health insurance coverage for an average of more than nine months during the country’s most recent economic recession, and mothers who were underemployed went without coverage longer than women who did not work, a new study by scholars at the University of Illinois indicates.

Published Date: October 23, 2013