Campus Recreation

“My life just got a whole lot better!”

Fitness and wellness are the foundation for a healthy mind and body. Illinois’s Division of Campus Recreation is building great facilities that combine fitness with fun!

basketball gameOn March 30, 2005, Campus Recreation Center East (CRCE - pronounced ‘sir-see’) opened its doors after the completion of Phase One of the Campus Recreation Renovation Project. CRCE used to be called "Wimpy" by the student body because it was a smaller version of IMPE, the major Intramural Physical Education Building located on the west side of campus. Not any more; CRCE is all grown up!

The new facility is a 110,000 square foot fitness wonderland. Amenities include a leisure pool with slide, zero-depth entry and a bubble-jet bench; basketball and racquetball courts; 1/8-mile track; 10,000- sq. ft. fitness center; multi-activity court (MAC) gym; multipurpose rooms and much more.

underwater hockeySince the reopening, CRCE staff members have overheard students saying things like: "My life just got a whole lot better!" and “This place is so beautiful! It’s like a dream!"

Graduate student Chanel Castaneda’s review after visiting CRCE on opening day: "It is a really clean and bright atmosphere. It makes you want to work out! I feel really comfortable here."

The renovation of IMPE begins phase two of the Campus Recreation Renovation Project. When it reopens in 2008, the campus will have access to an instructional kitchen, a “combat” room for martial arts clubs, a co-ed sauna, a climbing wall, a 1/6 mile indoor track and an LED video wall.

students playing soccer

Other great Division of Campus Recreation facilities include an ice arena, a roller hockey rink, and playing fields of all types. Campus Rec runs intramural athletic clubs and teams, from badminton to basketball, broomball to Ultimate Frisbee®. Students can organize their own teams or sign up on the Intramural Free Agent list.

If you’re coming to Illinois, get ready to play hard and have fun!