About this site

This site is the culmination of nearly two years of work that began in September of 2006, and ended in August 2008, when the first iteration of the site went live. The site's appearance was refreshed on November 1, 2011.

The redesign process involved gathering and analyzing large amounts of user behavior data, consulting and collaborating with a multitude of experts both on and off campus, and a rich feedback dialog with our target audiences.

This site is universally accessible and meets the World Wide Web Consortium's standards for valid XHTML and CSS code. The RSS feed for weather is currently provided by Yahoo Weather and is for conditions at Willard Airport.

Visitors are encouraged to read about the process the Web Team used, including an analysis of the data we gathered and the design decisions that were based on that data, by selecting the appropriate links at left.

The Web Team extends special thanks to the students, faculty, staff, alumni and all other members of the Illinois community who took the time to view the design iterations and provide feedback.

Your contributions were invaluable. Thank you.