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  • DNS Migration Update: What's New

    CITES Networking is pleased to announce that the DNS migration is now complete and campus DNS is now running on our new IPAM ("IP Address Management") platform. 

  • IPAM Training Sessions

    As previously announced (, campus
    DNS will be migrating to the new integrated IPAM ("IP Address Management")
    platform on Saturday, June 23 2012.

    CITES will offer the first of three hands-on IPAM training workshop
    sessions at the IT Pro Forum on June 7th. If you would like to attend this
    session, be sure to register for IT Pro Forum by 5PM today at and choose the
    1:30PM session titled "Integrated DNS and DHCP with the new IP Address
    Management (IPAM) Appliance".

    Because the IT Pro Forum session is limited to 50 participants, we have
    scheduled two additional training sessions which we are announcing now in
    order to help you plan.