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  • Seminars on Campus

    It is easy to see that this campus has many professors and students conducting various types of research—from physics to philosophy, and everything in between. There are many opportunities to take advantage of, but there is one in particular that I have come to realize many students are unaware of.



  • Getting Fit While Having Fun

    At the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC), there are many different programs and activities that you can get involved with.  Some of these include ice-skating, healthy cooking programs, intramurals, and rock-climbing. 



  • Hidden Gems

    Earlier this semester I had the chance to visit the Urbana Free Library. I am a photographer for the Daily Illini and was covering a story about the library’s 140th anniversary. As I walked through the building and learned about the history of the library, I was amazed at how many resources were available from books, CDs, and DVDs, to just a new place to study.



  • The Importance of Internships

    For many students, graduation means starting the job hunt. When interviewing for jobs, companies often will ask about school and your past job experiences. The best way to gain this background and experience is through internships.




  • Winter in India

    This past winter, I partook in a course abroad. This is one course that meets on campus for the last eight weeks of the semester, and then travels overseas for 2-4 weeks into winter or summer break. For this trip, there were 13 students in the group, under the guidance of Mithilesh Mishra, senior lecturer in the Department of Linguistics and director of programming in Hindi and Urdu, and we were headed to India for about two and a half weeks.



  • Conducting Geology Research in Cambodia

    An excellent advantage of attending the University of Illinois is the amount of research opportunities available to students.



  • 5 Tips to Master Finals Week

    Congratulations, you’ve almost made it through the fall semester! Now, there’s one more week to complete: finals week. Although many people see this time as strenuous and impossible to manage, finals week can be mastered by following these tips:



  • Experiences that Prepare You for the Future

    Here at Illinois, our professors and other faculty do an excellent job at giving us the skills we need for our future professions. However, sometimes just taking notes from a textbook or studying flashcards isn’t enough. If you want to be prepared for your future, you need to go out and get experience in the field.


  • In the Spirit of Thanksgiving…

    It has definitely reached that time in the semester: burnout. After studying for countless midterms and braving the cold weather, we all couldn’t be happier that it’s Thanksgiving break!


  • Illini Basketball

    It’s finally that time of year again for Illini basketball! Illinois has recruited some new players for this season such as Ahmad Starks, Aaron Cosby, and Leron Black. The team looks promising this year and is off to a great start.