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  • Why I Chose LAS at Illinois

    When I had the chance to visit my friend at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign my senior year, I fell in love with everything about the university.

  • My Experience as a December Graduate

    This December, I will be graduating from the University of Illinois.


  • Advice to a Freshman from a Senior

    This fall marks my last semester as a student here at the University of Illinois. The past three years here have been an amazing experience for me. I have had great professors and classes, enjoyed our beautiful campus, and made friendships that I know will last a lifetime.


  • Graduation-Induced Nostalgia

    At the beginning of this school year, graduation seemed so distant that it was barely tangible. Now, as I sit here facing a graduation date that seems to be accelerating towards me, I am surprised by how nostalgic I already am about this campus, before I have even left.


  • Commencement

    This post is rather special because it is my last post as a blogger for LAS and exactly one month away from Commencement.


  • Mom's Weekend Fun

    While being away at school, we all get a little homesick. So what’s the perfect solution? Mom’s Weekend!  


  • College: The Learning Experience

    When I first came into this university, I was an undecided student. The only thing I really knew was that I wanted to love what I was studying. I expected to be involved, and I wanted to study abroad. But that’s about it.



  • Seminars on Campus

    It is easy to see that this campus has many professors and students conducting various types of research—from physics to philosophy, and everything in between. There are many opportunities to take advantage of, but there is one in particular that I have come to realize many students are unaware of.



  • Getting Fit While Having Fun

    At the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC), there are many different programs and activities that you can get involved with.  Some of these include ice-skating, healthy cooking programs, intramurals, and rock-climbing. 



  • Hidden Gems

    Earlier this semester I had the chance to visit the Urbana Free Library. I am a photographer for the Daily Illini and was covering a story about the library’s 140th anniversary. As I walked through the building and learned about the history of the library, I was amazed at how many resources were available from books, CDs, and DVDs, to just a new place to study.