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  • Student Blogger: Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

    By Qianyu (Margaret) Cheng

    During my first visit of University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, a gorgeous shell-like building located in the center of campus caught my eye. At first I thought it was a stadium since it was huge, but later on I find out that Krannert Center is for performing arts. It is a place to enjoy performing arts and for art students to practice what they learn in class. It is really a hidden treasure for Champaign-Urbana, especially for students.

    U of I students enjoy student discount for tickets so it is easy for students to enjoy performing arts in a fairly low price, right here on campus. Not only do Art major students in University of Illinois perform some of the shows, but also will world famous groups perform here. All kinds of shows...

  • Student Blogger: The International Career Certificate Program

    By Qianyu (Margaret) Cheng

    Hi everyone, welcome back! How was your Winter break? We are now on a brand new page: 2015. I'm looking forward to the start of Spring semester.

    There is a really significant event every semester: the career fair. Some of you may already have heard about it before, and we had several blogs about career fair too. I personally also went to a career fair, but I also realized how hard it was for an international student like me to find a full time job or even a internship. I am new to this culture, this language, and many other aspects. How can I stand out in many other candidates and get the position I want?

    Last semester, I learned about International Career Certificate program in ISSS newsletter. I heard about the program a lot, and that it was especially designed for helping international student succeed in job market. Since I recently met some difficulties in job hunting...

  • Student Blogger: Alternative Spring (Fall?) Break

    By Qianyu (Margaret) Cheng

    How was your Thanksgiving break? Just as students came back from Fall break, Thanksgiving becomes a popular small talk topic on campus nowadays. Although after fall break, there will be only two weeks of study and the semester will be over, a week of break is still a good escape from the intense study.

    Thanksgiving is an important holiday in U.S., while on that day family will gather together and have a delicious meal. For international students...

  • Student Blogger: Life as an IOSL

    By Qianyu (Margaret) Cheng

    Hi everyone, welcome to ISSS blog. Today I am glad to talk about my experience as being a international orientation student leader. I have been a IOSL for two years and it is one of the best experiences I have on campus.

    I applied to be a IOSL back when I was a freshman. I was once confused and panic for the unknown college life. Yet so many have helped me in all aspects, both in life and in academic. After a while when I finally settled down and comfortable with everything, the application of IOSL on ISSS newsletter attracted me. Every year there are many international students come to university of Illinois, and they will all experience the same thing I had been through. Since I have been helped by so many people, I want to help the new students back so that they can have the same positive study abroad experience as mine.

    After I applied...

  • Campus Resources: The IOSL Program and La Casa Cultural Latina

    By Liaohan (David) He -- IOSL

    ISSS Blog Administrator’s Note:

    The International Orientation Student Leaders program is a unique leadership and employment training opportunity, made possible through a partnership between International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) and New Student Programs (NSP). We are currently recruiting for the 2015-2016 IOSL cohort and we invite all Illinois undergraduate students to apply. The position is not limited to international students as domestic students with a strong understanding of the international student population are invited to apply. For more information, please visit:

    Liaohan (David) He is a currently serving in the 2014-2015 IOSL cohort. The blog post below is edited excerpts from his description of the experience, reprinted here with his permission. The campus resource scavenger hunt he mentions was part of the Spring 2014 IOSL training.

    I have come so far since March. It turns out that I did not know the school that well. There are millions of things to be discovered, fun and educational at the same time! I want to share all this information with all the international students to help them feel warm and at home [at the University of Illinois], just as I felt through the IOSL program.

    This is the best work opportunity I have discovered so far on campus. I had the chance to...