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  • MCB 244 and 245 waitlist update as of May 3, 2012

    We anticipate that ALL juniors and seniors on the waitlist for MCB 244 and/or 245 will be authorized within the next week.  All sophomores who are in a major with priority for these courses should also be authorized within the next week.  You will receive an email indicating when you have been authorized.

    Once we have finished these authorizations any remaining students on the wait list will be emailed letting them know that restrictions have been removed and it is ok to register.  We will NOT remove restrictions until all of the seniors, juniors and priority sophomores have been accommodated.

    Please make sure that you are checking your illinois email account frequently and that it is not full to capacity.  This is the only way that we will contact you about registration for the course.

    Students who need to change sections will have to wait until restrictions have been removed in order to do this.  We will not be facilitating section changes.

    Thank you again for your patience with this time-consuming process.

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