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  • New Update on MCB 244 and 245 for fall 2012

    Unfortunately we have run into some unexpected glitches with the wait 
    list and seats in MCB 244 and 245 for fall 2012.  If you are currently
    on the wait list and have not been authorized you should receive an 
    email from Deb Bielser soon indicating that she is still working on 
    authorizations and that she will remove restrictions in 2 weeks.
    All seats are still being managed, so no one is in jeopardy of losing 
    your spot on the wait list.
    If you are already registered for the course and need to switch sections 
    you will be able to do so in two weeks once the restrictions have been 
    We sincerely apologize for the delay and appreciate your continued patience.
  • MCB 244 and 245 waitlist update for fall 2012

    All juniors and seniors who are currently on the waitlist should be contacted via email this week indicating you have been granted permission to register.  Sophomores in majors that specifically require these courses will also be given permission to register and contacted this week via email.

    All other students will have the opportunity to register after Saturday, April 21 when the course restrictions will be removed.  There are plenty of seats remaining and we hope to be able to accommodate any student who needs these courses during the fall semester.

    If you would like to make a section change you will be able to do so after Saturday, April 21.  Thank you for your patience regarding authorizations for these courses.

  • MCB 354 course restrictions

    MCB 354 is now open to any MCB, Biochemistry or Biological Sciences student.  If you are a non-major interested in taking this course please contact Alejandra Stenger at  This is a challenging course and it is important that you have the appropriate prerequisites.  Alejandra will check that you have all prerequisites before giving you permission to register for the course.

  • MCB 300 currently full - no plans for a wait list

    MCB 300, Microbiology, is now full to capacity.  At this time we do not plan to initiate a waitlist for the course.  If you are interested in registering please continue watching for someone to drop the course, so that you can get a seat.

  • MCB 301 waitlist for Fall 2012

    We have now opened a waitlist for MCB 301 for fall 2012.  The course is currently full to capacity and we will be managing enrollment from here on out via this waitlist.  To add your name to the list please go to

  • MCB 400, Cancer Cell BIology waitlist

    Interested in MCB 400 for FA12?  We have opened a waitlist for students wanting to add this course at

    At the moment the course is full to capacity and we will not be adding additional seats.  However, we are now managing seats in this course so if anyone drops only those on the waitlist will be eligible to register.

    Students on the waitlist will be notified via email if seats become available.

  • MCB 246 and 247 waitlist update for SUMMER only.

    Those who had signed up on Priority Lists and via the online waitlist, you should have received an email authorizing you to register for the courses.  All other restrictions for MCB 246 and 247 have now been removed and remaining seats are available to any one.

  • Update on MCB 244 and MCB 245 waitlists for fall 2012

    The wait list for MCB 244 and MCB 245 was pulled on Thursday, March 29.  Any MCB senior on the list by that date should have already been authorized for the course.  Please check your illinois email for directions on registering.  Most students from departmental priority lists have also been authorized as of today.  These authorizations should be complete by the end of this week.

    We plan to begin authorizations for non-MCB seniors and then MCB juniors by the end of the week.  Please make sure your illinois email account is cleared out so that you are able to receive messages from Deb Bielser about authorization and registration.  We will continue to update this blog as information becomes available.

  • Update on MCB 354 registration restrictions Effective Immediately

    MCB 354 is currently open to MCB & BIOC Srs AND to MCB & BIOC Jrs.