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  • The symbol of the National Guard, the modern version of the 18th-century militia, is the Minuteman

    Bearing arms against a rabbit

    In 2008, the U. S. Supreme Court, affirming an individual right to bear arms, struck down a long-standing ban on possessing handguns in Washington, D.C. (District of Columbia v. Heller [07-290], 2008). It also ruled that bear arms, a phrase once associated with military service, now simply means ‘to carry a gun.’ The Supreme Court can declare laws unconstitutional. But apparently it can strike down definitions as well.

  • No laptops: classroom bans on digital devices are spreading

    Banning laptops in the classroom

    The new semester is starting, and a colleague proudly announced on Facebook that he is banning laptops, tablets, and cell phones in his classes because students are using them to go on Facebook. Other colleagues, who seem always to be trumpeting their support for the digital revolution on their own Facebooks, promptly “commented” their own plans to institute classroom bans on these attention-sapping devices. So much for the myth that professors trend left.