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  • The U.S. Supreme Court Defines WOTY 2013

    The Word of the Year for 2013 is "marriage"

    The Web of Language Word of the Year for 2013 is marriage. It’s a word that was redefined this year not by dictionaries, but by an even higher authority, the United States Supreme Court.

  • Jakob Grimm, of Grimm's Law fame, may or may not have rolled his own

    High Times: Grimm's Law turns cannabis into hemp in four easy steps

    With Colorado set to legalize recreational marijuana on January 1, the Denver Post hired a marijuana editor, providing instant fodder for late-night comedians everywhere. But recreational pot is also serious business, and so the editor of Summa Sæculorum, the journal of the Boulder Philological Society, has printed a recipe for residents of Colorado, Washington state, Uruguay, and anyplace else about to legalize marijuana, for using Grimm's Law to turn cannabis into hemp in four easy steps.

  • Letters mingle souls

    To Whom It May Concern: Today is National Letter Writing Day

    This letter is to inform you that today, Dec. 7, is National Letter Writing Day.

    To wit: email, tweets, and texts may be the communications media of choice in the present digital age, but compared to traditional forms of correspondence, that is to say, the letter, of which this present missive is an exemplar, they are impersonal.

    It is not these popular communication technologies, but only the letter, that is capable of transmitting personal sentiments unmediated by technology. Only said letter may be composed thoughtfully by hand, using the finest writing instruments created by skilled craftspeople and robotic machines, and the best papers, created in pollution-free factories on other continents by underpaid workers working twelve to sixteen hour shifts.