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  • High cost of English got you down? Speak Esperanto and save

    English is fast becoming the national language of Europe, but not everyone approves. A German scientist wants to restore German at least as the language of science in Europe, and a Swiss linguist claims that dropping English for Esperanto could save Europe an easy $34 billion a year.

  • Monolingualism: the native language of intolerance?

    Its common for adults to dislike speakers of other languages. We frequently read of students flunked, workers fired, and immigrants shown the door for speaking the wrong language.

  • What to name the baby? Forget grandma, hire a consultant

    Todays hi-tech parents can now do what corporations have done for years: hire a consultant to devise a name to capture the essence of their latest product. There's a growing number of nameologists on line and in print intent on selling prospective parents the perfect baby name.