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  • Amazon Sales Rank: I'm being outsold by a book on tattoos

    My book "A Better Pencil" came out this month from Oxford University Press. It's not my first book, but it's the first one I've published since the internet went viral. Because my book is about the impact of computers and the 'Net on how we read and write, I checked the World Wide Web to see how the book was doing.

  • A 300th birthday card for Samuel Johnson, the great English lexicographer

    Sept. 18 is Samuel Johnson's 300th birthday. The English essayist, poet, novelist, and witty conversationalist whom we know mostly through the anecdotes recorded by his friend and biographer, James Boswell, and his other friends, became famous in his day for his two-volume Dictionary of the English Language, published in 1755.

  • Bus No. 66 requires French as well as exact change

    Montreal bus driver celebrates 40 years of official bilingualism by throwing English-speaking passenger off her bus

    After a passenger asked her for the time in English, a Montreal bus driver called the police and ordered all twenty passengers to get off her bus. Her supervisors defended the action because, while English and French have been Canada's two official languages for exactly forty years, French and French alone is the official language of the province of Quebec.

  • Protestors shouting "Apples are red!" demand an end to socialized education

    As if health care weren't already a big enough headache for the new administration, now right wing fear-mongers are attacking as "socialized education" Pres. Barack Obama's planned back-to-school address next Tuesday at Wakefield High School, in Virginia, which will be broadcast live on CSPAN to students and teachers across the nation.