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    Valentines for the author

    Today I got a packet of letters from the students in English 206 at Hudson University (not the real class or university). Their teacher had them read my latest book, a history of writing technology. Then she assigned a letter to the author. The letter had to be handwritten, because it was National Handwriting Day (Jan. 23) and she wanted her students, who grew up with keyboards, to try out an older writing technology. The teacher gave students who didn’t bring their own paper to class some arty post cards to write on, and by the number of notes in very light pencil, I’m guessing she had extra HB pencils on hand as well.

    Then she put the letters in a big envelope, added a note explaining the assignment, and dropped the packet in the mail. They call it snail mail for a reason: I got the letters three weeks later, just in time for Valentine’s Day.