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  • I wear my button every year on the anniversary of the March on Washington

    The March on Washington and the pre-digital age

    It’s the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. I was there, an eyewitness to history. But even though I was 19, going into my junior year in college, I don’t remember much about the day. I drove from New York, heard the speakers, listened to the music, and of course there was the Big Speech. And I kept the button. It was sunny, hot even. The crowd was joyous. I was excited: this was a big deal. The DC cops were surly. They didn’t want it to be a big deal. The downtown merchants didn’t welcome us, small spenders, lunch-counter troublemakers. I should remember more, but my memory was never very good, and it wasn’t the computer age, not yet.

    Fifty years from today an eyewitness to history could reconstruct what happened at the National Mall out of digital footprints: saved web searches, credit card receipts, keystroke loggers, EZ-Pass records, metrocard tickets, digital photos, CCTV footage, cell tower pings, NSA satellite data. There, that’s me, in that YouTube video, over by N38 53.36339 W77 3.0114.

  • Lee Lorenz, The New Yorker, February 28, 1977

    Literally has always been figurative

    Literally means ‘figuratively.’ Like it or not, that’s the way it is in English, and despite the recent uproar on Reddit and Buzzfeed over dictionaries recognizing the usage, it’s not new—literally has always been figurative.