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  • DARPA Total Information Awareness Program

    On National Writing Day . . . . the NSA is tracking what you write

    October 20 is the fifth annual National Day on Writing. This year National Writing Day falls on two days, Oct. 20 and 21, because October 20th is a Sunday, and in some states you can’t write on Sundays, just as you can’t buy cars or alcohol, even if it’s not your sabbath. . . .

    The sponsors of National Writing Day want you to like National Writing Day on Facebook. They want you to blog about it. They want you to tweet about it, using the hashtag #write2connect. This will create an instant online community of writers writing about writing. It will also make it easier for the National Security Agency to collect and analyze your posts. Because on National Writing Day, like every other day of the year, the NSA, DARPA, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and China, to name but a few, are tracking what you write, collecting it, analyzing it, and evaluating your status as a potential terrorist, a potential customer, or someone whose computer has a big “HACK ME” sign taped to the screen.

  • Noah Webster

    On Dictionary Day, take a banned word to lunch

    October 16 is Dictionary Day, a day to celebrate the dictionaries wherein are stored the many and varied words of our language, to revel in their sounds and subtle meanings, to look back at words we may have lost, or forward to those yet to be invented. But one British school has decided to honor Dictionary Day by banning a batch of words commonly used by its students.