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  • Hazardous Equipment/TVs

    This could just be me, but I have a two serious problems that are potential injury hazards as well. First, the seats on almost all of the free weight benches are unstable and wobbly. When you start getting heavy, this can become problematic if you do not have a spotter. Second (and more importantly) is all dip equipment. The way the bars are angled forces users to employ terrible form that puts a very large amount of strain on the shoulders and rotater cuff (dip bars that are parallel to each other lessen this). Those are issues that I have with potentially hazardous equipment that could be addressed. The only other complaint is with respect to the TVs and music in the basement. Most people go to the gym to workout, and not watch TV. However, when there is a TV every few feet, the distractions become intensified. Also, even though I have my music in, Jessica Simpson and Justin Bieber still can be heard in the basement which is kind of frustrating. These are just suggestions and concerns about the facility, and are not meant to be rude at all.

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