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  • Racquet Rental Fee

    I understand that it costs $1 to rent any type of racquet. Last week, my friend rented 2 racquets for racquetball by mistake (we were going to play badminton). He asked a member services staff if he could change it for a badminton racquet right after without any extra charges, but this was to no avail. The "system" would not allow it (the staff was nice though). I suggest charging members $1 for racquet rentals while giving members the privilege to switch types of racquets throughout the day. Else, giving members a grace period to switch racquets in case of mistakes like my friend's would be nice too.

  • ARC/ CRCE Court Reservations

    I would like to suggest that the ARC and CRCE allow costumers to reserve sport courts online (i.e. racquetball, volleyball, indoor soccer) to allow us to see when the courts are reserved and make the process more convenient and easy for both you and costumers.

  • New Machines by the Windows at CRCE

    I would like to give feedback about the new machines near the windows at CRCE. They run very smoothly, quite in contrast to the old machines, and I enjoy the fan. However, I choose to workout at the windows because I want to see out the windows while I'm working out. I also choose to go there because I don't want to watch TV during my workout. With these new machines, I am being forced to watch either the screen or TV and I'm almost completely prevented from looking out the window. This is very upsetting to me; I come here 4-5 days a week and almost always use the elliptical, but now the quality of my workout will deteriorate. Before, patrons had the option of using ellipticals near the TVs or the windows, but now the choice is gone. I am sincerely requesting the placement of at least one of the older machines without screens near the windows, for those of us (and I can't speak for others, but I'm sure there are more members like me) who don't want to watch television at CRCE.

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