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  • Treadmills at CRCE

    I returned to CRCE recently and noticed many of the treadmills had been replaced with ellipticals. The number of treadmills is now so limited that it is difficult to find an available machine. More importantly, the remaining treadmills (with the exception of the 6 just outside the track) are dangerous. The ridged belts are sticky and have caused me to lose my footing numerous times. I had opted to keep running and attempt to "be careful" until yesterday, when I fell face first and was flung backwards off the treadmill. I ended up with numerous scrapes and bruises, so it is safe to say I will no longer be using those treadmills. I know I am not the only one to have had this problem, as I have spoken to several other gym-goers with similar complaints, both about the lack of available treadmills and the hazardous ones that remain. I realize running on the track or using treadmills at ARC are also options for some individuals, but I work near CRCE and only have 30 minutes a day to use the gym, and I prefer to use the treadmill to pace myself as I train for an upcoming race. I would be very grateful if Campus Rec would consider replacing some of the existing ellipticals or dangerous treadmills with treadmills with smooth belts, or at least provide some rationale for the recent changes.

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