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  • swimming pool

    I would like to strongly suggest in the future to implement a rule regarding thorough showering prior to going into the pool.  Other pools have requirements for showering, swim caps for sanitary reasons.  Reason being, during heavy usage, I have been in the pool where I can literally smell perfume cologne off of people who never showered and jump into the pool, and in the light I can see pools of oil shining on the surface of the water - I am not sure exactly what that is.  Also, there have been times when I swim and strands of hair, once even a bandaid, went through my fingers.

    Also multiple times, I have gotten bad bacterial eye infections from the pool.  Granted I am particularly prone to eye infections and this is an occurence that can happen at any pool, I just imagine that with the volume of people in one body of water without showering can elevate those risks.   I have the general feeling the pool is not sanitary and I am very hesitant every time I want to go swimming.  What is the filtration/sanitation procedure for the pool? It might be helpful to know, so I can come to swim after the water is being cleaned, if there is such a schedule.


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