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  • Outdoor Pool temp too hot

    Now that the air has cooled, does the outdoor pool need to be quite so hot?  It's difficult to swim hard when you know you must be sweating like crazy from the heat.  A slightly related question:  The outdoor pool is so very warm, why not keep it open when temperatures are below 50 degrees?  It's perfectly comfortable. Californians would think nothing of an outdoor swim even into the 40s. Surely Illini can be just as tough.  Perhaps some informational posting would help everyone realize that it's acceptable, doable, and fun to swim outdoors in cooler weather.

  • Children's Prices

    Please reconsider your pricing policy for children.  I went to CRCE the other day and had to bring my two children with me.  I was playing basketball and they were just sitting in the corner watching videos waiting for me.  They were not working out and did not use any part of the facility except for the section of floor they were sitting on.  I do not understand why I have to pay $10/child in these situations for a guest pass.  I recognize there are children's hours, but those are not always convenient hours for faculty/staff with kids.

    Would it be possible to change the policy to one where all children under 5 (or some other age) are free at all times?  It's hard for me to imagine a situation where a child that young could use the facility to the point where a $10 charge is justified.  Thanks for your time.

  • accurdate field status over phone and online

    The turf soccer fields at 1st & Stadium, the indoor soccer courts at ARC & CRCE are sometimes not available to students due to special events/reservations. This information should be available on the website. What's bad though, is that currently, when I call to check, the staff sometimes don't even have the information or know how to get it.

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