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  • Pool Hours NOT followed!

    Grrr -- Indoor pool closed before stated "closed for meet" hours today!

    I went to the pool today for a swim and was turned away because the pool was closed for a meet.  When i got back to my office I checked the Newsletter which had no mention of this, the wellness letter sent out a few days before which also had no mention of this and finally the web page -- which did have it mentioned "closed from 2 to 7 for a varsity meet."  from there i looked to my computer clock which read 1:47.  so, I was probably at the pool no later than 1:30.  Why was the pool closed early?  Please make sure pool staff are better informed about such things and follow them correctly.  As my one time to use my membership that day, i would like compensation.  This wasted time, caused me to miss my short but needed swim, and cost me parking money.  

  • What happened to Intramural Broomball

    After captaining a team for the past two years, it makes me sad to see this program go away.

  • Unacceptable situation in the weight room

    What is going on in the weight rooom is simply unacceptable.  The guys are not removing their weights from the machines, and as a result the next person needs to spend their own time and energy to unlaod someone else's wegiths, and then load them again with their own.  I was there today, and I was met with total contempt when I asked a guy to take his weights down.  He said "I am not doing it, I am leaving."  And he went up the stairs, making himself of course look like a fool, but a proud fool for not doing what I rightfullly asked him to do.

    It is simple etiquette to follow gym rules, but besides this, students should understand that this is not a neighborhood gym. It is the University of Illinois and it so happens that some of the people who work out there are professors (like myself), with little time to take care of someone else's messes.   It is also disrespectful toward their fellow students and against true athletic spirit, a spirit that should characterize students of this university.

    I was met with the same problems many times since I joined ARC, but today I spoke to the supervisor.  I feel that if definite meausre are not taken, this place will remain a jungle, the way it was today,  repulsive and unfriendly,  truly not a place worth our membership and participation.   Rules should be followed to the letter, and anyone who does not comply should be first warned, then if the person insists on not doing their duty, promply expelled from the gym.  Monitors should be very proactive in telling everyone firmly to pick up their weights AND clean up (this is another thing that is totally neglected- the gym is simply dirty.)

    I hope to see some definite changes, but if the monitors are intimidated by the guys who work out their, nothing will ever happen.  This should be directed and channeled by the administration all the way down to the very last person who works there.


  • WiFi at CRCE

    Hi, this week the WiFi service in the second level at CrCE has been down. In repeated ocassion I have told the staff and they always tell me that is because there is no wireless service on the second floor. I have used the service many time before (years) and has worked just fine. I can see the IllinoisNET signal but it always tells me it is a connection problem. I teach over at Foelinger and we had a similar issue over there.... it turns out it was the router. Internet service is available in a lot of campus buildings and I think it is an important service here. The staff refuses to fix the issue and they only say that they simply don't offer wireless in the second floor. Please fix.

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