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  • Childcare

    Please consider offering childcare, even if it's extremely limited, to members with small children.

  • Sign up sheets for basketball courts

    An issue that continues to occur on the CRCE courts when there are an excess of teams wishing to play is that there are disagreements over who is next to play. These disagreements often get heated. As someone who has been on both sides of this situation, it is incredibly frustruating. Especially because a game on average takes about 20-40 minutes. What should happen is that there is a sign up sheet at each court (a clipboard on the wall with a pencil would work fine!!). If something was posted to a wall where a team captain can write his name down and the number of players he has, this problem would NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. 

    Please take this simple step. It is aggrivating to see how many fights could be avoided if the gym was to put up such a sheet,

    If you need additional evidence to recognize the extend of this problem, I would be happy to get a petition signed to show players' desire for such a sign up.

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