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  • My Favorite Library

    MSTM student, Stella Yang, discusses her favorite libraries and campus resources. 

  • Practicum

    MSTM student, Austin Cyphers, explains how practicum was an amazing learning experience that brought the year to complete end. 

  • So Many Electives and So Little Time

    MSTM Student, Varsha, discusses some of the favorite electives amongst her classmates. 

  • My Family Away From Family

    MSTM student Apoorva talks about all the social events that help her and friends relax throughout the stressful school year. 

  • Professional Development

    Guest Blogger and MSTM student Jeanna Wong discusses her experience at the Unite for Site’s Global Health and Innovation Conference (GHIC) hosted at Yale University. 

  • Experiencing Boston

    MSTM Student, Hana, tells us of her amazing experiences at the world's largest career fair in Boston. 

  • A journey of Joy, Learning and Excitement

    Kaarthik remembers back on his recent spring break trip to San Francisco with the MSTM program.  

  • Learning Beyond the Classroom

    MSTM Student, Alice, reminices about her recent spring break trip to San Francisco with her fellow classmates. 

  • Welcome to Chicago

    MSTM student, Kaarthik Shanmugham, explores the history of Chicago and details his own personal experience visitng the city over New Years Eve. 

  • The Beauty of Volunteering

    MSTM students share their experiences volunteering at UIUC. Ultimately they discover that helping others is the best way to achieve happiness and fufillment.