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  • Finding a Dream Job in America!

    Our dear friend in MSTM, Frances Hong, has recently been offered a full-time position as SAP Consulting Function in Pricewaterhouse Coopers. In this blog, she tells us about her continuous effort in achieving her dream job in the United States. She is also kind enough to provide us tips on how to succeed in a job search.

  • Jeff Kurtz: On Teaching and MSTM

    Last week, I had the opportunity to speak to Professor Kurtz, the new MSTM Interim Director. He shared his vision on improving the program and his passion for teaching and consultancy.

  • Intel and eBay: A Grand Closing!

    Last but not least, I present you two giants in technological companies: Intel and eBay. Read more about the experiences that MSTM students had during the visit.

  • A Toast for Exquisite Wine Tasting!

    MSTM SF trip experienced an interesting visit to Napa Valley's Frank Family Vineyard. I would love to share my first experience in wine tasting and exciting aspects of the wine-making business!

  • Start-Up vs Established: Which Path do you Prefer?

    One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it is worth watching.

    In the second part of our San Francisco Trip, I would like to share a unique comparison of two companies in very different stages of development, Piazza and Cisco.

  • SF Companies Visit: Day One!

    Silicon Valley. The name indicates an exclusive plateau of high-technology companies. The MSTM group went to San Francisco especially to observe how a few leading companies are able to grow and transform themselves to be global leaders in technlogy. In this particular post, I will talk about a start-up accelerator, Plug & Play and the gaming company giant, Zynga.

  • West Coast Welcomes You

    A short introduction of the beginning of the exciting MSTM group journey to the Silicon Valley! Welcome to California, the Golden State!

  • Caterpillar Inc: More than Just Machinery

    Charles Hwang shared his experience on the fantastic MSTM trip to Caterpillar Inc. Learn more about his adventure in one of the leading heavy machinery firms in the world.

  • Global Resource Scarcity: An Imminent Need!

    2 weeks ago, MSTM was privileged to welcome Steve Sonka, director of ADM Institute for the Prevention of Post-Harvest Loss. For MSTM family, he was a familiar figure as a Professor of Technology Practicum several years ago. Amidst his busy schedule (he has to fly back to China later in the afternoon), he still provides time to give us insight about world scarcity and its impact on the global economy.

  • Peter Nero: The face of MSTM

    Peter Nero shares his experience with MSTM so far. As one of the members for academic commitee, he has keen insights of academic well-being and how MSTM has helped him develop comprehensive understanding of business and management.