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  • Our first semester is over!!!

    Our first semester is over!!! All the exams are over !!! But my mood is still not calm because in the next few weeks I will know the result of our exams. One thing I may rightly say that we, my classmates and I, are becomes real students!!! We plunged into a new student life: more conscious, more interesting and more successful - we are students of MS Technology Management.

    Let the two semester of study is yet to come, but I can already draw some conclusions. The given five months was not easy because we had to get used to the new rhythm of life, get used to the new learning process, and evaluation system which is different from traditional grading systems. The first part of the semester has been particularly difficult due to intensive fundamentals courses: statistics, leadership, marketing and others. Learning everything the night before the exams is not the right way for these courses - it must be understood. So we prepared for each courses, actively working during the class time. Because of this, we passed on the midterm exam easier, and deserved an opportunity to get the best grade!!! The second part of the semester was harder than ever due to Process management and Accounting classes.

    I dont know what other classmates think, but to me it was really interesting to learn about lean systems and the theory of the bottleneck. It is very interesting we actually can apply these in our daily life. Accounting class seems to be easy but to remember all the logical calculation of the balance sheet, financial statement, cash flow and capital budgeting, required a lot of practical issue. You have to practice, practice, and practice and practice again until these formulas of calculation stick in our minds forever. Thanks to the professor for explaining and training us frequently and consistently. 

    I want to also mention about our program in general and professors. Our faculty of Technology Management is small, so the process of networking between students and faculty members is really short and smooth. My classmates are very talented and energetic students and are eager to learn and set goals to achieve in life. They also are interesting companions, sympathetic, kind and just very funny guys. Most pleasing to me is the interest of professors to give real knowledge to the students - they use all their skills to make this knowledge as complete as possible, answering all our questions. Each professor is a leading expert in his field, pushing it - and in my opinion, it differs drastically from other Business school. So again, thank to our professors, who put a lot of energy and efforts in providing necessary knowledge in the technology management field.

  • The Chicago Marathon and the MS-TM

    And then a funny thing occurred. I discovered just how much I enjoyed running, because the essence of the activity is so pure. Sure, I ran races for times and competed in teams, and all that. But to me, that was all secondary to the opportunity running provided for me to test my own limitations. I began running to help me compete in other arenas. I continue today because it helps me do so much more than that. Prefontaine, a running legend who was instrumental in providing the impetus for Nike to get off the ground, once said, Most people run to see who is the fastest. I run a race to see who has the most guts. At the most basic level, running has you competing against nobody else but yourself. And that is nowhere more true than in running a marathon.

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