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  • Words from Winners

    It feels great to be the part of winning team. Thanks to Apple and MSTM for sponsoring ‘MSTM Innovation Challenge’. What this competition taught me is, “Challenges bring out the best out of you”. Along with that right combination of team is important. Everyone gave their best, and blend of that ended us on the winning side.

    -Rishi Chheda

    Here are the words from winners,

    This case competition has been a very rewarding experience for me, although my expectations weren't as competitive as it should have been, eventually but it got there. As we were planning, I quickly understood our potential for success because so many of us were legitimate assets with strengths in various domains of IT and business. There was one idea we quickly jumped on because a very creative person had thought this through, then a few others that were detail oriented had stepped in to flush the ideas out. A few others were experienced in programming and architecture so they added simulations and blueprints to the app design. I was more of the business person so I cared a lot about the presentation and PowerPoint itself so that was my strength. All in all, the last day and the morning of, we stepped our game up and came off strong. Our success came because we had a verse background of assets and a determination to succeed. I wouldn't take away this experience for anything.

    -Chris Yoon

    The iPad app innovation challenge was a great opportunity to take the class concepts that we've learned about over the past few semesters and put them into action. The amount of great ideas and talented people was amazing, and being challenged to compete in such an environment made the entire experience that much more rewarding. I would like to thank the MSTM program and Apple for the great program.

    -Parker Jendrycki

    What struck me most during this innovation challenge was how much we've learned about working in teams. One person had a good idea for us to begin with, and through teamwork, we refined it into a solid, executable plan complete with a mockup and 6 confident presenters. ;-)

    -Amanda Wolf

    What makes us the best team is the combination of multiple skills, experiences and judgement. Our team provides the kind of responsiveness, speed and quality that is beyond the reach of individual performance.

    -Cheng Du

    It’s all about team-work!

    -Yifan Zhang

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